Today, I Had to Have a Mammogram…

I am a young adult, but had to have my first mammogram today.

As a reward for my discomfort, my stepdad took me to Arby’s and let me get whatever I wanted.

We sat at one of the back booths and I gazed out the window, watching the people in my town driving to and from their destinations.

As I sipped on my gift-from-God orange cream shake and munched on my curly fries, I noticed something that is far too common here–panhandling.

Except, this wasn’t just one man, or one woman, but a young couple, with an even younger child. They were taking turns holding up a sign that said “No gas, no food, God bless.” They were very well dressed, and their van had a New York plate–a 12 hour drive from where I live. What I notice most is that their child wanted so badly to run and play, but his mother held him on her lap because they were sitting beside the road.

I watched that child, and wondered what he would grow up to be like. Will he be valedictorian of his high school graduating class and get a scholarship at an Ivy League school? Will his parents tell him of this day? Will he consider that motivation to help the homeless community in his hometown? Will he learn to play an instrument? How old will he be when he falls in love for the very first time?

I am convinced that, every time I taste that gift-from-God orange cream shake, I will remember that boy. I hope he does well.

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